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Windows 3.8.2 to Linux 3.9.1

Hi All,

I am thinking of moving my Openfire from Server 2008 R2 to Linux.

Database = MSSQL and will remain on it

I was wondering what is the best method to move to Linux but keep all the settings etc… in place. Is that all stored in the database or are there config files in the openfire directory as well. We use Windows AD for logins.

I am having major issues with Openfire locking up and the web interface becoming unresponive at least once a day now. We have 1000 users on the server and the machine has 16GB of ram and 8 cores with Server 2008 R2 x64 running. As I have posted before I suspect this is the FastPath plugin causing this but I can’t prove it and searching the forums come up with no way to fix it. I am hoping moving to Linux will make it a little more stable.

Some settings are in the database. Some are in Program files\Openfire\conf folder. Also, if you use SSL, certificates are stored in Openfire\resources\security. So in your case i would install Openfire on linux, then replace the conf folder content and maybe security also (or import or generate certificates manually again). Then i would check the connection to database and AD. Or maybe it would be better just to go through setup again on a new server and link it to the old database and point to AD. Not sure where it stores AD information.

Can I link both copies of Openfire to the same Database at the same time or will it cause issues?

It may cause issues as you don’t run a cluster. As the Openfire database is small it may be better to create another temporary database (or schema) and switch to the production database when the Windows Openfire instance is shut down.