Windows 7 requires run as administrator

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We have a openfire server running with AD integration and spark running on the clients. We have told spark to run automatically but it never starts. In order for to start you have to right mouse click the spark icon and click on run as administrator. Also worth noting, all users are local admins.

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I have the same setup and had the same problem. Works great on XP, UAC gets in the way on Windows 7. In my environment the best solution is to remove local admin rights.

This happens because a local admin receives two security tokens when they login. One is a copy of their high-privilege token from the domain controller or local machine. The other is auto-generated by User Account Control using the function named CreateRestrictedToken. This token has rights removed from it, and the shell and Spark run under it normally. When Spark SSO grabs the user security token it gets the restricted token, which doesn’t match the token the Openfire server gets from AD.

When you “Run as administrator” UAC runs Spark under your real security token, which will match the one from AD.

Source: -1320-Part-4-1320-User-Account-Control.aspx

You can try to work around the issue by elevating Spark automatically:

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