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Windows 98 compatibilites

I wsa wondering if there was a way to get Spark to run on Windows 98. If not, then is there another app/client that would work on Windows 98 that supports fastpath?

Thanks, Darrious

Here one says it was working for him. what problems do you experience while running Spark on Windows 98? I believe Fastpath is Spark/Openfire Enterprise only feature.

Well, I can get spark installed and what not, but the problem is that I cant seem to connect to a host or anything. I turned off the firewall and I’m not running behind a router so I know that those two are not a problem of mine. Although, I’m not running on Dial-Up connection. I’ve got DSL through AT&T. The way this works is it has a converter which takes the phoneline and it connects to my computer, of course, but then it connects to a DSL box (http://gigaset.siemens.com/shc/0,1935,hq_en_0_141386_rArNrNrNrN,00.html). This then resends the connection back to my computer and foila. I have a fast DSL connection. The only problem with this is that when Windows 98 was around there was no DSL or anything that was highspeed so it basically tricks 98 into thinking that it’s running a Dial-Up connection…just really fast. So, I’ve had problems connecting to the internet with applications or using the online spark package to download and instal everything from the internet. I had to use the offline package instead. Now, I’m just having major issues, in my opinion, connecting to the internet through applications, unless it’s a browser.

I guess that pretty much sums up my problem