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Windows / Linux

Just curious as to what people feel the better Openfire server OS is (in terms of stability of Openfire). I’m currently running on Windows 2003 SP2, but have had some recent outofmemory errors and other oddness. We’re considering switching to a Linux server while we are still in testing.


I have 2 openfire servers running on windows server 2003 sp2. They have been rock stable. I do have the Java memory pumped way up to 1GB-1.5GB for openfire. I also have the server doing a weekly reboot every sunday just for giggles. My production server is running 3 web based server services Openfire, Webhelpdesk, and WSUS, each with their own dedicated NIC. It has 4GB of RAM, and is a RAID 5 with SATA 3Gb/sec drives.

Hi Tony,

To add to what mtstravel already said, out-of-memory errors are more likely due to how you have Openfire configured rather than what OS it is running on. In general it’s best to install Openfire on whatever OS you feel most comfortable working with. However if you’re planning to have hundreds of thousands of current users it’d probably be a good idea to look into running Openfire w/ Java 1.6 on Linux with a 2.6 (or later kernel) since that combination can take advantage the kernels epoll facility which greatly enhances scalability.

Hope that helps,


I’m running off a Windows server and the best advice I can give you is to run it off a Linux box

I’ve had no issues at all running on Windows 2003 for the last year… the only downtime I had was from upgrading from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1

Make sure openfire is configured properly and you’ll be all set.