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Windows Server and Macs

I am new to this forum. I spent some time searching for an IM software that could be used on pc and macs. After much searching, this is the first I found. I installed openfire on a pc along with spark. I have been able to get the other pcs in the office to work but not the two mac users we have. I tried it on one of them. It is indicating it can’t connect with the server. I can’t find this problem addressed any where, especially dumbed down so I can understand it.

Can someone give me the details of how to get the macs to work with the windows server and to be able send and receive IMs with the rest of the office. I am not a programer or even an IT guy. If the macs and pcs can’t work in the same system, I will have to keep looking.

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Just install Adium for Mac.

xmpp is actually supported by ichat which is built into macs