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Windows Vista Aero support?

Has anyone noticed that when running Spark 2.0.7 on Windows Vista RTM the Aero features are turned off?

This isn’‘t true of other Java applications I’‘m running so I’'m guessing that it is something to do with the way Spark is interfacing with Vista.

The message you get is:

The color scheme has been changed

The following program (Spark) has performed an action that requires Windows to temporarily change the color scheme to Windows Vista Basic.

Any update on this? I’'m still getting this problem even with the latest beta of Spark.

I’‘m using the retail version of Vista Home Premium with Spark 2.0.8 and aero seems to work fine. I get transparency and window effects and it does not drop back to “basic” graphics when Spark is running. Have you tried upgrading to the newest Spark version? This is the first time I’'ve used Spark, and have not tried any of the previous versions.

The JDK in the older versions of Spark were not compatible with the Aero interface. That’‘s all different in newest versions of Spark. You should also notice that there’'s support for antialiased fonts and stuff too, which is really nice. 2.5 Beta has been a good experience so far.

There are still some issues with 64-bit Spark, and those will hopefully fixed soon.

This is still occurring with the newest Beta 3. I also posted on this issue. Sorry, I missed the response before my last post.

My thread on this issue is located here:


  • Ken