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Windows won't close. Spark 2.6.3, Mac

Hello All.

I am new to the community. I have been using Spark 2.6.3 on Mac OS X (10.9 Mavericks) for about 2 months. I’ve been having the same problem the entire time. When I open a Spark window to message a co-worker, I cannot close the window. When I click the red x to close the window, the contents of the window just go blank and the window sits there. If I want the window to go away, I have to quit Spark and re-launch it.

I searched the community and couldn’t find anything about this, so if this is a known issue, please excuse my ignorance.

Please help, and thank you,


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Same problem… Also, the concept of not using an issue tracker to submit bugs is silly… I really enjoyed registering twice to attempt to report a bug.

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Hello Karl!

We do have an issue tracker found at: http://issues.igniterealtime.org/

The reason for needing two accounts is not everyone who uses the forum, uses the issue tracker, and vice versa. It helps the community manage who has access to what, etc.

Regarding the Mac… Unfortunately Mac’s like to be different, and require special attention to make Spark work properly. I’m unsure if we currently have a Mac guru contributing, but if you would like to file some bug reports, maybe someone will be able to help out.

Jason, the bug tracker, does not allow us regular folks to report bugs… instead it has us come here…

Clearly I knew that (I had registered there first before being so inconveniently kicked over here for yet another registration process), but thank you.


I am new to the community and new to Spark as well. Please excuse my difficulties, however I feel like don’t fully understand this situation.

How are Macs different? More specifically, different then what?

Also, you mentioned that you’re “unsure if we currently have a Mac guru contributing”. Does this mean that Spark is an application that is updated and worked on by many “contributors” and doesn’t have a dedicated team of developers? Would it be more accurate to say that the current team of developers doesn’t have a mac developer amongst its ranks at this time?

This problem is annoying but it certainly isn’t life threatening. Heck, it isn’t even time threatening. I can live with it, but if there is a fix I would love to know about it. Afterall, annoying is still annoying.

Thank you for your time

Bug tracker is closed for regular users as we want to keep it clean. We once opened one smaller project for all and 90% of tickets were misreports, not bugs, badly written tickets, support requests, etc.

We don’t have dedicated team of maintainers or developers here. All of people here are just volunteers/contributors doing something in their spare time. I don’t remember anyone working on Mac version of Spark recently so probably - yes, we don’t have mac developer at this time. Macs are becoming very popular, but in the open source world it is probably still a niche. I’m not a coder myself, but i remember some time ago a few contributors complaining about how Mac is handling Java. So probably it is a bit different, though Java ideally should be platform independent.

So, we can file a ticket for this and hope that someday a mac developer join the ranks and fix this (and many other tickets in the bug tracker related to Mac OS). SPARK-1570

To build on what wroot has already said,

Yes this is an Open Source community with many Open Source projects. Spark is one of those open projects, meaning we don’t have any paid regular full-time developers working on these projects. Everyone is volunteering and doing it on their spare time mostly. A select few may have their own company’s pay them to work on a project because it suits their needs, but that still doesn’t give us full time “staff”.

Regarding Macs… Apple likes to be different. And that’s not always a great thing. Apple maintains their own java, which lags behind the regular releases from oracle and openjdk. Most users use Apple’s java, and it causes some things to act weird that would work normally on other OS’s.

Basically, it means we need a developer who not only owns a Mac themself, but knows enough about java and Macs to “marry” the two. Currently as wroot said, we have nobody working on Spark that is familiar enough with Macs.