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Windows XP - WildFire uses 100% CPU


I’'m running WildFire 2.2.4 under Windows XP:

Celeron 2.4 GHz

512 DDR

I have other applications running a the same time, but they only use 2% CPU

WildFire takes 100% CPU as soon as it is launched, even if no users are connected to the server !

WildFire 2.2.0 does the same thing.

Do you know the problem ?

How can I limit the CPU usage for WildFire ? (I’‘m sure it doesn’'t need so much CPU)

Is it a JRE problem ?

Best regards,



Are there any errors in the error log? Does the CPU usage go down after a period of time, or does it stay high constantly until you stop the server?



I updated the J2RE and there are no more problems …

Thank you