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Wireless Village / IMPS

Just wondering… is the a implementation of IMPs/Wireless Village plugin in the works for Wildfire?

Some links:



I got this nifty new Nokia 6681 and I need to find some private chat network (ie Wildfire I hope) where I can rig it up to at some future date

Nope, no Wireless Village support in the works at the moment. Is it possible to get an XMPP client for your phone?



Oh sure Nokia 6681 running Symbian Series 60 stuff.

No problem… just wonderin.

Sorry for bumping this old topic… but would it be possible to create an IMPS plugin for Wildfire? Does the plugin api allow programming of alternate access methods?

While you are right, there are some Jabber j2me clients for mobiles, the build in IMPS clients (My Friends in unbranded SE mobiles or Chat in Nokias, for example) are worlds better and tighter intergrated into the OS than J2ME apps.

There are only few, rather poor, services for IMPS available, smartvas.com and chatnu.dk to name some, i think it would be cool if there was at least one free and opensource server solution allowing this kind of service without custom programming or the investment of thousands of $$$