Without Openfire Clustering


I installed Openfire3.7.1 on two machines named as XMPPServer_1 and XMPPServer_2. Infront of these 2 servers there will be a load balancer.

For example: Sender0 is connected to XMPPServer_1 and

              Receiver0 is connected to XMPPServer_2.

As per my understanding Openfire Clustering provides same environment across all XMPP Servers (nodes).

If I enable Openfire Clustering Sender0 and Receiver0 are communicating each other even though they connected to different XMPP Servers, but if I disable Openfire Clustering Sender0/Receiver0 are not able to communicate.

Without using Openfire Clustering if we make any configuration changes in Openfire, is it possible to communicate Sender0/Receiver0.


Without clustering those servers are just separate xmpp servers with separate userbases. In that case you have to setup a server to server connection between them. Then users from one server will be able to communicate with users from the other server. I see no point in such setup (load balancer) as user from server1 will always connect to server2 to talk with a user at that server. What to balance here? Unless those both servers will also receive other connections from the outside. But then, different userbases. If someone will want to talk with user from server2, then connection will go to server2, not to server1 or server2. Nothing to balance here either.