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Working configuration?

I’ve been trying to get OF Meetings to work off and on for quite a while. The most recent iteration seems to have incorporated some things, but what was once necessary doesn’t seem to be required anymore. And in any case, what sparse documentation has been extraordinarily scattered and perhaps no longer applicable.

Is it possible for somebody to put together a barebones WORKING configuration for 0.92? At this point, I can’t even access the Candy client, Jitsi only displays the front page (can’t log in, and it doesn’t function as a webclient), and entering any sort of Conference goes Oops!

At this point, I’m just looking for a “This works, and here’s what I did to get it this way.”

OF Meet 0.92
OF Focus 0.92
OpenFire 4.2.1
OpenJDK 1.8.0_x

I also just ran into this issue. Big PITA trying to figure out the right combo to get this bastard to work. See below!

Just in case ANYONE else found this thread and was wondering what combination works. Please read below.

Windows Server 2016
Openfire 4.1.6
Openfire Focus 0.9.2
Openfire Meetings 0.9.2
Java 1.8.0_161

If your using LDAP, you MUST create a focus user (IE: focus@yourdomain.com) and give it a password.

Also, if you’re using chrome to start video chat you have to use the HTTPS link using port 7443 or it will fail.