Working on SparkWeb post Enterprise testing

I am running the Openfire software on a SUSE 10.3 system at this time using the embedded data base and the default Jetty web service provided all on one server. I had placed the Enterprise plugin on my server just before that temp license expired. I read what was going to happen and now have pulled out the Enterpirse plugin and placed the available open sourced files where they should. All are working but for the Sparkweb. I downloaded the .zip package on the site so far and created a folder for them. Instuctions are not very good for those who use the default Jetty on the same server

The instructions state to run the embedded scripts one can find in ‘bin/extra’ but there is no such location to be found on my system. I did find the in another location but I am recieving an error when running it to attempt to clear out the DB of any enterprise residue. Here is what I received:.

/opt/openfire/bin # ./

Starting embedded database viewer . . .

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hsqldb/util/DatabaseManagerSwing

I have also worked on placing the script information in to the index.jsp file I have but I am not making any headway one that front.

In the mean time I do have the Fastpath Service and the Fastpath webchat installed and the Workgroups and /webchat page are coming up and functioning as they should.


  1. When will a plugin for Sparkweb that will be like the others be released or…

  2. How do I clear out old Enterprise data so it will work with out a licesne?