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Working with Google''s Jabber?

As everybody knows now Google launched there IM service today which uses Jabber. You can connect via Gaim, PSI (I’‘ve had issues). etc. But I don’‘t seem to have the ability to talk from my jive server to google’'s or vis versa. Any ideas on how we can make this work?

This is google’'s “Third Party Applications” page if anybody was interested.




I dont believe they are currently allowing any external servers to connect(following the discussion on the jdev list). Currently it looks like you will have to submit your request to them personally if you want your server to have the ability to connect to theirs, but there is no word on whether that is a futile endeavour or not yet.

From what I can tell, it will be mostly futile. They seem to be looking for partnerships with other large VOIP and IM networks at the moment. I think getting s2s turned on is critical as well so would suggest the following:

  1. Let’'s help to get a petition started for them to reverse their policy and support s2s.

  2. Let’'s try to help solve the technical problems with enabling s2s such as SPAM control. This may be a necessary pre-condition for #1.

  3. Let’'s approach other networks such as Yahoo and give them the opportunity to one-up Google.


I don’'t want to support google because of the privacy concern.

Which particular privacy concern are you referring to?