Wrong chat history in group chat


we used Spark 2.8.x before and updated recently to 2.9.4, so we don’t know exactly when this bug came into the product.

When we have a group chat and want to have a 1:1 converation with one of the participants we double-click on that specific user in the participants list of the group chat (not the main contact list). In the past (version 2.8.3 and before) we saw now the chat history which we had with this particular contact in the past.

Since version 2.9.4 we now see in the 1:1 conversation (which was started out of a group chat), the history of the group chat. This is not correct. Additionally the messages we send in the group chat were listed twice in the 1:1 chat - one time with our name, and one time with the name “null”.

It would be great if the previous behavior of the chat history could be restored.

I have created a ticket for this https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/SPARK-2223

I have posted a description of the cause of this issue and how widespread it actually is throughout the codebase of spark here: MUC and JIDs vs BareJIDs - involves SPARK-2223

Hello! this bug has been fixed in the latest nightly build of Spark.

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