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Wrong event notifications

I’m using asmack and faced with the next situation:

  1. For example, Alice send “composing” event notification to Bob which is currently offline.

  2. XMPP server return the error message:

  1. Smack library calls MessageEventNotificationListener#composingNotification method with "bob@jabber.ru" as “from” parameter value. But Bob is offline and didn’t send this event.

How can I distinguish such wrong events from regualar ones? I have tried to catch such error messages in PacketListener which I use to receive chat messages but it called after MessageEventNotificationListener. I think Smack should not call MessageEventNotificationListener for error messages.

This is a bug in MessageEventManager. Thanks for reporting SMACK-573, but I can’t gurantee that it will be fixed soon. XEP-22 is obsolete and has been superseeded by other implementations. You really shouldn’t use Message Events.