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Wrong Internal Caller ID

I am running a demo of Openfire Enterprise 3.4.1 and Spark, but not Asterisk-IM. I am just mapping phones out in Openfire using Spark.

However, one extension is somehow screwed up. Whenever anyone receives a call from extension 101(Alice), it displays the name for extension 103 (Bob). If i set the spark client for Alice with the extension 101, and then use that client to call another spark client, the name Bob show up. If I use a hardphone set to 101 to call an extension mapped to Spark, the name Bob shows up. Nowhere is the extension 101 connected to Bob, not in AD (where I am pulling the usernames from) nor in phone mappings in Openspark, nor anywhere else. Yet somehow the ID is being mapped to the wrong extension.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?