Wrong Openfire domain


I’m new to openfire and to XMPP protocol.

So I’m using my Elastix installation which comes with Openfire.

I own a domain and I would like people to being able to add contacts from my Openfire.

If I receive invitations to user@internalIP the user receives the invitation.

If the invite is sent to user@mydomain.com nothing happens.

Any help?

I get:

Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header

elastix is great, but I would do everything I could to prevent a pbx from being exposed to the internet, I think the thought with adding openfire to elastix was to add internal IM.

Having said that, you’ll need to configure an external dns srv record, enable server 2 server, and then configure your firewall. You’ll also need to look at elastix, and check the software firewall (ip tables) that it uses…


I Already did that. It turns out that I solved my problem changing the xmpp.domain field to “mydomain.com”.

does this make any sense?

Regarding the exposure of the box I am only exposing the xmpp ports.

yep. glad you got it figured out.

I would also recommend that you set up a connection manager on the DMZ to proxy xmpp connections to your internal lan. This will help limit your exposure. Just a though!

I Will consider that.

Thank you!