Wrong time displayed in Chat

Hi there,

I just installed openfire and spark. If I chat with another user, the wrong time is displayed.

Funny thing is, the time is exactly 7 hours behind. I checked the server settings and the server sais,

it uses GMT+1 time which would be the correct time. I did not find any place to set the timezone in spark.

Can someone help me ?



As far as i know, Spark should use the system time, so, you might want to check your systems settings.

I’m in the same problem.

I am in Buenos Aires/Argentina. Last year we started using daylight saving, so we changed the server and clients time/zone.

Since this, Spark shows an incorrect time: we are utc-03:00, Spark shows utc-05:00.

Setting "-Duser.timezone=GMT-03:00"in the Spark.vmoptions, Spark shows UTC. Crazy, isn’t it?

What’s wrong with this?