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Wrong version of installed Spark

Hi everybody,

I don’t know why but after upgreading Spark on the local machines in ‘Admin panel / Sessions / Client sessions’ is still showing old version od Spark?!

Can you explain me why and how to solve it?


This is not a version. This column is for Resource. Resource is what user sets for this particular client (Work, Home, etc.). Spark’s installer puts its version into that field when this is its first install on a system. So if 2.6.3 was first installed it will stay that way. One can edit his Resource field by logging off in Spark, going to Advanced and changing Resource field. Personally i have just changed this to Spark for all my users. It helped me filtering out who is still using the older client we used (Exodus). But if e.g. your users have desktops and laptops, you can set Desktop and Laptop values and then you will see who is using Spark locally and who might be on the go (via VPN or something).