WrongUser Check SIP username and try again


I had set up Openfire, Red5, talking to an Asterisk server which was installed in the deafult manner. I was able to connect to the Asterisk server using the Test command in the phone plugin on Openfire, as well as able to connect using the red5 flash phone.

I just tried connecting to Asterisk to a MYSQL db using the Aterisk add-ons, and followed the method mentioned in this page - http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/CentOS5andAsterisk1.4.x+installation

Asterisk has started up fine, but when I try to Test the connection from Openfire, I get a ’

SIP Account problem: WrongUserCheck SIP username and try again.’ , and when I try connecting from the red5 Flash phine I get a ‘Reg.Failure = 404 Not Found’

Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong?

When I create users in Asterisk, the users are getting stored in the users.conf under /etc/asterisk . Could this be a problem or is this the right place that Openfire looks in?