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Wroot is always shown online

Maybe someone can check this on the igniterealtime.org Openfire server. I have another account test010 on this server and i have added my primary account (wroot) into first account’s contact list. When i login with test010 it always shows that wroot is online, even when wroot isnt online. Interesting that is actually updates the status, when i change it to Away or whatever on the wroot side. But when i log out with wroot, on the test010 side it shows that wroot is online.

I wonder what others see? I’m now offline. Do you see me (wroot) online? Wonder what Sessions page is showing in Admin Console of ignite server.


Somebody please restart Ignite Openfire server or close my session. My friends think i’m online and probably tries to talk to me and offline messages are turned off here. Very irritating situation…

Sorry for the delay on the previous request.

Here’s what sessions show up for you.

<-- image deleted -->

I’ve disconnected both sessions instead of restarting the whole server. Let me know if that clears up the issue for you.


Thanks. Right after posting my second message i thought that this can be not the Ignite’s server fault. Second IP is my work server’s IP, so maybe it got stuck on my work server Kraken. I will check tomorrow. So far i’m showing offline

You can now delete this image with IP addresses

So, it seems the problem was on my work server. Now everything is fine. Thanks and sorry