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XEP-0060 (PubSub) Subscription configuration problem

Using Openfire I am trying to get a PubSub system up and running and I am having trouble when it comes to configuring the a subscribers subscription.

I can create a node called TestNode with testUser1.

Then I can subscribe to TestNode with testUser2.

My first problem is that when testUser2 is subscribed to TestNode and online, it does not receive any notifications when I publish items to TestNode. If I do a Get operation from testUser2 to TestNode then I will get the items. So I wanted to play with the configuration for testUser2’s subscription, but I always get an response.

It seems to me that testUser2 should be able to configure their subscription, but the server always replies with an AUTH error.

Here is what I am sending to get the configuration options:

Has anyone had any luck configuring pubsub subscriptions in Openfire?

Thanks in advance.


I had the same problem and fixed it this way : http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/39511