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XEP-0248: PubSub Collection Nodes


somebody knows if its possible to use the functionality XEP-0248: PubSub Collection Nodes using smack?

Only functionality that is declared XEP-0060 is covered. So things like discovery, subscription, creation and configuration should work (although I haven’t tested it) as that is covered in XEP-0060. Much of collections is in fact declared in the pubsub spec.

Not sure if/when Smack will have any explicit collections support though, since the spec is now deferred and has a recommendation to NOT implement.

Ok Thank you.

But what is the best way to organize the xmpp nodes?

Briefly what I want is to have multiple publishers and multiple subscribers and the subscribers may receive only the information they want.

I could solve this problem using only one node known for everyone. However, the published data in the node would be sent to all subscribers generating a waste of resources.

By organizing the nodes in a hierarchical way, as defined in XEP-0248, there would be a node known for all parties in the system and when a new customer want to publish any new information, creates a new node (inside the rootnode) and all the subscribers would be informed about the creation of such node.

Does anyone have any idea that can help me?