[XEP-0313] Question regarding retrieving Message Archive from remote ubuntu server (Monitoring plugin)

Hello everyone.

I am trying to query the message archive from a freshly started ubuntu server using strophe.mam.js without success. There has never been an issue with retrieving the archive while i was using a local windows server. I checked the logs at Openfire\logs on my ubuntu server and could not find anything of relevance to the monitoring plugin activity on both servers, or are there any other logs that i might not be aware of?

Currently i am using Openfire 4.0.0 and Monitoring 1.5.0 on my remote Ubuntu 14.0.4, while Openfire 3.10.2 and Monitoring 1.4.7 on my Windows 8.1 locale. There is no problem in connecting to both servers, sending messages to both servers, or archiving AND seeing conversation history on both servers from the Archiving tab. The only issue is during client-side retrieval where i could not retrieve anything, not even a stanza reply from the ubuntu server, while there is no problem at all in retrieving conversations from my windows locale. I am now beginning to think that there might be a misconfiguration in my remote server that i have little experience in (first time Ubuntu user).

Please advise, any help would be appreciated