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XEP-136 Compliant Archiving

Has anyone tried to map XEP-0136 into the monitoring plugin? The PDF output feature of the monitoring plugin is great and we don’t want to miss it but we also want to enable our users to manage chat log archive files that are stored in Openfire’s DB from within the IM client.

The only XEP compliant solution for now seems to be installing the Open Archive 1.0.5 which adds the overhead that the all the logs are recorded twice

Are you already using XEP-0136? If yes with which client?

My impression was that there isn’t much interest in it and almost no client supports it. That’s why I developed Open Archive to overcome this hen and egg situation. Since that time not much has changed though (imho).

To answer your question: I don’t know of any efforts to merge it.

Archiving would always be switched on. On the client side we would develop an extension to Smack and are only interested in Chapter 5.5, 5.6 and 7. Interesting looks also the semantic archive http://nabu.opendfki.de/ and http://code.google.com/p/xoperator/

It’s in an early stage, looking for options and possibilities that are close to XMPP standards.