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XEP-313 xmlns

I am new to XMPP, attempting to use Open Fire (currently v4.0.2 with Monitoring plugin 1.5.4) as back end and Smack library to integrate some chat, etc features into an Android app. I find the nightly snapshot of Smack is using MAM namespace urn:xmpp:mam:1 however Open Fire is advertising MAM feature with older schema version: urn:xmpp:mam:0. As a result, my client is getting error 503 (service unavailable) when attempting to iq/query archived messages.

Any guidance on how to get MAM XEP-313 working when using Open Fire and Smack together?

The recommendation from the Smack dev team was that Open Fire be updated to latest XEP-313.

See link to initial discussion here:

XEP-313 xmlns

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Upgrading to the latest standard would be the preferred solution.