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Xhtml support

I’‘m trying to play with the xhtml aspect of smack. Which client most comprehensively supports XHTML. I’‘ve tried Gaim, and things don’‘t seem to render there, even though it claims support. Trillian doesn’'t support the link tag … anything else people have used?




The best XHTML support I have found is with GAIM. Your right in that it only supports limited HTML tags, like ****

and . Complex HTML such as

does not render correctly.

Unfortunatley, the only way I’'ve found around this was to write my own IM client in Java, which bases its display of XHTML on the JEditorPane.



I find gaim doesn’‘t really work. It doesn’'t show colours, does it? Is there some setting I need to enable it? As for writing my own jabber im… argh!



Unfortunatley I don’‘t know of any setting to allow such HTML rendering (I don’'t think there is one). You may be able to find a plugin for GAIM that will do what you need.

I’‘ve looked through the GAIM code before, and they don’'t implement the full W3C HTML standard - they pick and choose what is most useful for them.

GAIM is a great tool for testing interoperability between IM clients.


I can answer this question myself now. The answer was sitting beneath my nose the whole time - pandion. For some reason it doesn’'t answer the “areYouHTMLEnabled” question properly, but it seems to support most aspects of the xhtml jep