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XIFF (11154) halt on 'Unknown element' BindExtension.as

One more discovery today.

When two registered users trying to login on server it throws “Unknown Element” (line 76 in BindExtension.as).

My scenario was as following:

  1. user1 logs in on server as anonymous
  2. user2 logs in on server as anonymous
  3. user2 drops anonymous and logs in as demo
  4. user3 logs in as demo

on this step last user client app falls down with error in BindExtension.as


I think more logic would be to look up here for ‘conflict’ node and fire an error?

server cannot allow same user id (here demo) logged in twice with same resource (here Grafeio). Simply change the Resource of second user when he logs on as demo.

that’s a good hint. didn’t knew these specifics, guess my bad. i guess the best option for me is to have random ID on resource name, this would solve the problem.


No Problem :slight_smile: