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Xiff / air

Hi All,

I am really struggling with XIFF because I am not at all an ActionScript developer - I am more on the server-side development. I believe that XIFF is what I need for my project but I am not sure because the project will be using Adobe AIR which does support XML sockets. Through AIR, I cannot seem to find a way to login to the OpenFire server.

The application I am working on needs have:

  1. Alerts on the desktop via IM.

  2. Users message back and forth through the web browser / AIR.

I know that AIR has socket support but I am not sure if it is sufficient to receive incoming requests from the OpenFire server on its own.

I am willing to pay to have this implemented. If you can assist or send me a quote, I would appreciate it. If you want to send a quote, please send it to rmsubscribesATgmailDOTcom. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have tried many other resources. I hope this one solves the problem.

This worked for me in the Flex 3 Eclipse environment. Once the connection is established you stay connected until the object is released. I just added an incoming message event listener to my code and it works fine:

var connection = new XMPPConnection();

var psce_on:Presence = new Presence( null, null, Presence.AVAILABLE_TYPE, Presence.SHOW_NORMAL, null, 1 );

var user1_msg:Message = new Message("user1@", null, “Calling User1”, null, Message.CHAT_TYPE, null);

var user2_msg:Message = new Message("user2@", null, “Calling User2”, null, Message.CHAT_TYPE, null);

var incoming_msg:Message = new Message("user2@", null, “Incoming Data”, null, Message.CHAT_TYPE, null);

public function XMPPconn(): void {

connection.username = “testcase”;

connection.password = “xxxx”;

connection.server = “server.com”;

connection.resource = “xiff”;

connection.addEventListener(LoginEvent.LOGIN, handleLogin);

connection.connect( “flash” );


private function handleLogin(event:LoginEvent):void{




trace(“Messages sent.”);


private function handleIncomingData(event:IncomingDataEvent):void{