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XIFF and Flash Player 8.5

Hi there,

Macromedia just announced today the future flash player (8.5) and that will support binary sockets. I wonder, how this is coing to bennefit XIFF. Is there any actual limitations that will be solved by this?

its very cool,

with a good binary client side scripts it would be possible to download eg the vcard binaries using the socket, like the avatars and use a “compressed” socket.

also nice:

Flash Player 8.5 also introduces ActionScript 3.0 which is a much more robust version of the language based on the latest ECMA specs. It has a bunch of really great new features that people are going to love, including E4X, which allows you to declare and manipulate XML in a very natural way syntactically

Are there plans to port XIFF to AS3?

We use the XIFF library in our Flex 1.5 application.

But with the coming release of Flex 2.0 the current XIFF library need a lot of modifications to be used with it. It would be great if the XIFF library be ported to ActionScript 3.0.



I am working on my own implementation of a Flex 2.0 Jabber client library. It’‘s based off of Smack. So, I am calling it “ActionSmack”. So far, things have been going pretty well, but I have had some difficulties with some of the functionality that Smack supplies such as its PacketCollector implementations. It’'s been a pretty good learning experience though.

Smack is a pretty big library, so implementing most of its API is going to take me awhile, but I do have a lot of the core implementation done.

When I feel that it is good to let others test it, I will release the ActionSmack API and some sample applications to go along with it.

Give me a pm or email if you want a sneak peak at things.


Hi dnelson…

Any progress so far…??? Im keen to use your application