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XIFF AS3 API Availability

Can someone please provide an update on when the AS3 compatible version of the XIFF API will be available?

Also, can someone point me to any available documentation and/or examples?

And finally, can someone point me to where the latest XIFF 3 source can be obtained? (even the beta version)

I have seen several references in these forums to beta versions of the API, but I have so far been unable to find any place from which I can download anything other than XIFF 2.0 beta. It seems that I have been hearing this will be available soon since last fall and still I cannot find anything. Is this going to be a reality any time soon? Because if it is not, I need to start evaluating other alternatives very soon. I understand and appreciate that this is being open-sourced and that I cannot expect the same things one would expect in a commercial product, but I would at least like to know if I am just wasting my time waiting for this.



With regard to the code, they use svn, if you install it and point to http://svn.igniterealtime.org/svn/repos/xiff/ (you can go there via your browser as well) you’'ll see the latest version of the code.

Thanks for the URL to the SVN repository.

I now have been able to download the source. I assume that the latest on the trunk is equivalent to the beta2 version people have referenced in the forums because I don’'t see anything actually labelled beta2.

There doesn’‘t seem to be any example code with it, though. Or any documentation. While I might figure out how to use the API by studying the code, I was hoping not to have to go through that pain. More importantly, if noone out there has yet managed to create a working example that they are willing to share, I can’'t help but wonder if this is even ready for prime time yet. I am not getting a warm and fuzzy.

Has anyone managed to get a reasonably full featured chat client working using the XIFF 3 API?

I’‘m currently working on the documentation now. You’'ll see the code in SVN being updated now and then with newer code comments that will be used to generate the documentation using ASDoc.

As soon as the core of the documentation is done, the code in the SVN trunk will be released as 3.0.0 Beta 1. The code as it stands works well and is being used in many commercial projects. However, after the 3.0.0 release, I’'ll be updating the API to be more “AS3-optimized” as the current code is an almost direct port from AS 2.

Thanks for the update. Of these commercial projects using the API, did they just dig it out by looking at the source code? Or base their development on the example provided with the old AS2 API?

Is it safe to say that the usage of the API is relatively the same in the new version? Could I use the example provided with the 2.0 version as the model for my development? We need to start coding relatively soon so I’'m not sure I will have time to wait for all the documentation to be updated and released.

Thanks again.


Hi Bill,

Yes, the API interface is mostly the same as the AS2 version. The main difference is in the event model, which uses more strongly typed events than AS2 offered. There is definitely enough commenting and documentation in the code in SVN to get started.


Thanks, Sean.

I have retrieved the latest from SVN and I will start looking it over along with the examples provided with 2.0.

I think I am ok for now. Looking forward to the official documentation, though.


Closing this issue as answered.