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XIFF classes in a Director Flash sprite


I have a Director movie with a flash swf sprite on the stage. The swf was published with all the XIFF classes imported into it.

I’'m using the Lingo newObject() command to create XMPPConnection and Roster instances in the flash sprite, and telling them to connect to a copy of Jive Messanger which I have running on my computer.

This is working successfully - a separate IM app shows me as a buddy who has just come online. I can send a message out from Director too, and my buddy in the IM app receives the message OK.

My problem is that no lingo callbacks are triggered when events occur - I set them up for ‘‘incomingData’’, ‘‘outgoingData’’, ‘‘login’’, ‘‘presence’’ - everything, and none of them ever get triggered in Director. I have the same callbacks in the flash movie as well and I can see them all fine - the trace() messages show up in Director’'s message window.

If I use the exact same newObject() and setCallback() code to set up a flash localConnection object from Director, and assign some callbacks to it, they all work fine too (they make an alert box pop-up).

I was wondering if anybody else had ever tried using XIFF classes from Director and had got the lingo callbacks working?