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XIFF client requires Windows NTLM authentication through IE auth proxies

Hi all,

after months of development I finally got a XIFF chat client to play nice with OpenFire throught socket connection. Both my client and I are very happy about it.

Although, since this chat has to be used in some schools in NI, the security measures adopted by such schools are threatening this all project. And I am desperate!!!

The problem in this case would be that the traffic (on the client side) in not allowed on any port. It’s not even allowed on port 80, or I would have used a combination of BOSH and reverseproxys on port 80!

Traffic is allowed only through authenticated proxies which can be reached over port 8080, but would require NTLM authentication to be passed from IE.

It is a must therefore that I get my XIFF application to check proxy settings of IE.

Is this even possible? Does anyone have any experience on this matter?

Am I correct saying that this has nothing to do with SASL authentication implementation?

Please guys, I really NEED any help I can get. This all project is at stake.

Thank you all in advance!