XIFF Documentation For Flash

Hi all

I m Using Xiff Api MXP in flash. It is very very usefull to me to Communicate with The WildFire through Flash.

But i m not Feeling comfortable with that Classes. Why BCZ it is new to me.The Document of the API is not so userFriendly. They Just Explained The number of Arguments, But they didn’'t provide a Sample (I know it is a Free Ware, Authors Providing this as freeware BCZ of their Kind of heart) if i come to know the usablity of the XIFF library it would be greatfull to me. or where can i refer this…?

Thank you…

Hi DeGA,

please ask this Q in the XIFF forum http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/forum.jspa?forumID=46

There’'s also a client available at http://xiffian.sourceforge.net/ - maybe still with little documentation but useful as a good example.


Thnk you verymuch LG