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XIFF documentation - mxp?

So I’‘ve heard a rumor that there is an MXP file out there with XIFF documentation. Supposedly it is available at the now defunct xifflabs.com. Did anyone get a copy of this before that site “went down”? Actually, I don’‘t care if it’'s an MXP or if the whole thing in a single TIFF screenshot (eeks). Anyway, any documentation would be VERY helpful.


Will - wgardner AT h0Tmai1 dotter com

hah, so check it out…

I found somewhere else that it was included in beta 3. So frantically I searched for xiff beta 3 with no real results. So, I went to the jivesoft main download page and type in beta3 instead of 4 and VOILA! Now I have the documentation. Anyway, if you don’'t have it and want me to send it to you, let me know:

wgardner at h0tmai1 d0t c0m

drop me a line if this helped you! wgardnerathotmailD0Tcom

I Want the documentation

Email: jxhdy2001@163.com, Thank you!

Please give me the documentation too.

My Email is: www.5jxiang.com@gmail.com

Thank you!

Yes, documentation was included in Beta 3 but not Beta 4. Not sure what happened there.

Working on documentation for the AS3 version …

I would like the documentation also: kyle.drummond@saic.com


Hello…can someone send me the documentation too? thnx…


I really need XIFF documentation. Please, help somebody.



I would like the documentation too please.

could someone please email it to me. :frederic_lajeu@hotmail.com


Send me documentation, please!

kamikaze AT ukr.net

I would also very much appreciate a copy: cydblack@kink.com

me too,thanks~~


Checked out latest from SVN today … beta4?

did a quick ant job to generate asdoc


Buildfile: …build.xml


Writing ASDOC

Loading configuration file C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 2 Plug-in\Flex SDK 2\frameworks\flex-config.xml

…src\org\jivesoftware\xiff\im\Roster.as(348): col: 11 Warning: null used where a int value was expected.

return null;


…src\org\jivesoftware\xiff\im\Roster.as(534): col: 10 Warning: Duplicate variable definition.

var i:int = this.getContactIndex(aPresence.from.split("/")[0].toLowerCase());




Total time: 19 seconds

Download zipped asdoc here