[XIFF] Granting after revoking subscriptions?

Hello there, I have a serious problem and I don’t know where does it come from.

Two friends are in their respective roster list and one of them decides to “block” the other (in the MSN-way) so it uses denySubscription from Roster.

But I can’t find a way to let the user “unblock” his blocked friend. I tried both grantSubscription and addContact but in the database, the two users remain “From” and “To” in their subscribe type.

Do anyone has any infos on how I can do that ? Or must I remove the contact and add it again ? Maybe I simply can’t use XIFF to blacklist/unblacklist members ? (and locally manage them in my program ?)



I’m still facing the problem so any help would be appreciated if possible

The problem is :

  • A user A is adding a user B in its roster.
  • The user B receives a message and adds user A in its roster too.
  • User A wants to put user B in a blacklist, meaning user A revokes user B’s subscription in its own roster.
  • Finally, user A decides to unblacklist his old friend so user A grants user B’s subscription once again.

But it does not work. It seems that after revoking a subscription, the same subscription cannot be granted again ? The contact should be removed and then added once again ? Any infos please ^^



I used method 1 to block and method 2 to unblock contact as below:

method 1:roster.denySubscription( to1 );

method 2:roster.grantSubscription(to2 ,true);

The question is

when A put B into blacklist, B could see A’s presence is ‘Offline’ ,but when B send a msg to A, A can receive the msg. I don’t know something wrong,because i think A should not receive the msg because B’s subscription for A is not available.


I suspect that the reson why A received B’s message is due to back end implementation problem.

XIFF works on client side and just shows what comes from the back end…

when i checked, it is actually deleting record from ofRoster table.but when i try to add the user again its not adding the deleted user

Hi guys

It works only after server restart or after logging out and loggin in a new browser…