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XIFF problems with gateway messages

Hi, I’m having some trouble implementing gateways on top of XIFF (as3, as used in sparkweb)

I’m getting EscapedJID / UnescapedJID errors…

I’ve been asking questions in the sparkweb developer’s discussion, but I’m wondering if that’s the wrong place… here are my questions:



-Jim Carroll

So now, I’m trying to respond to an invalid login through the gateway for AIM

Ok, check this out, this is the exchange when I use garbage for the username and password:

11:08:18.843 [INFO] OUTGOING: uhaoetuahotn</passwor d>
11:08:19.000 [INFO] INCOMING:
!!! -------- Handling gateway error
11:09:08.369 [INFO] OUTGOING:
11:09:08.371 [INFO] INCOMING: Invalid screen name or password specified. Please re-register with a valid screen name and password.
11:09:08.372 [DEBUG] MESSAGE: [object Message]
got a body error thing.
11:09:08.372 [ERROR] Error: aim.server.com - Invalid screen name or password specified. Please re-register with a valid screen name and password.

I’m sending a bogus username and password, and getting an iq

result back (which is only supposed to happen on a successful

registration.) Compare that to the spec:




Example 15. Gateway Informs Jabber User of Registration Error

<iq type='error'
  <query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
  <error code='406' type='modify'>

I think that most of my problems are because the gateway
is way out of spec.

Should I be hacking the gateway code instead of the AS3 XIFF library?

Here’s the exchange for Yahoo:

07:40:26.865 [INFO] OUTGOING: blahblah</ query>
07:40:27.059 [INFO] INCOMING: Transports
07:40:27.199 [INFO] INCOMING:
handling update for yahoo

In this case, Yahoo is given blah / blah for a login, and it responds with a registration success message… there’s no error of any sort at all.

If I’m going to handle incorrect usernames and passwords, I’m going to have to hack the gateway it seems…



Were you able to solve this problem? If so, would you mind sharing your source code as I am running into similar problems.