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XIFF + Transports


I need help regarding building XIFF based XMPP client. I got this link http://paazio.wippiespace.com/xiff-gui-v2.1/ and i am now able to login and register a new openfire account successfully. How can i chat with gmail / yahoo users using / extending this link?

Now if i want to chat with any Gtalk / Yahoo user i have to first create a new gateway registrations in openfire. But I want to do this step using XIFF / XMPP from my client, like i am able register a new openfire account from my XIFF based client.

What XML message i should send to register a new gateway settings against my existing openfire user for gtalk? Suppose my Openfire user name is testuser and my gmail id is mygmail then what i have to do to chat with other gmail users from my buddy list?