XIFF3 - socket can't receive few messages at once

Hi all,

we use with latest released xiff version(XIFF3.0.0 Beta1) as the infrastructure for a jabber web client.

we have a problem when working with XMPPScocketConnection - when we send more than 2 messages in a raw (using a simple for loop in a java test client), then the xiff client does not receive all those messages. usually it stops receiving messages after the second one.

we found out that when shortening the part of code that handle the message, the client succeeds receiving more messages, but still some are lost…

we checked it against both openfire 3.4.1 and 3.5.2.

(tests with XMPPBOSHConnection goes just fine)

any help is appreciated,



same problem, as mine … multithreading in flex/flash not supported.

The current solution that i see is to use http-polling from flash, thus introducing a buffer point (the poll point/component) where messages are kept until the flex client is responsive again and will poll of course.

I am not sure if http-polling is supported by xiff …