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XML Parse error... its back!

OK, I’ve read all the discussions, how newer versions of openfire and pidgin fix this, how it’s “not a bug” and no one’s going to fix it, etc., etc.

Well, I’m running all newer stuff, OF 3.8.1 and Pidgin 2.10.6 (libpurple 2.10.6) and it’s back.

I don’t care about developers deciding not to fix the bug.

Please someone tell me how to clear the error so me and my users can log in.

I’m thinking, if the error is playing back user chat that contains malformed XML (most likely cause, right), there’s gotta be a way to clear that? Restarting OF doesn’t fix it.


For the first post, you are certainly riled up!

Either openfire or pidgin should be logging something with regards to the bad stanza received. Starting pidgin in debug mode may be.


hello Ken,

XML can easily be broken in many ways… you’re probably right that there is a bad/malformed stanza someplace causing your stuff to freak out.

please post the malformed stanza so we can see if it truely is a bug or not, and possbily fix it.

SPARK-1513 fixed an XML issue in Spark, perhaps there is a similarity?

The reference for Openfire is in the first place Spark (sorry to say). I am not aware about a general XML problem in the communication of Spark with Openfire. It would be helpful to see a debug log of the XML from the client to the server. Can you provoke the outage? Can a user login via Spark ?

Saprk-1513 is about an internal problem of the Spark history implementation. Not about the client-server communication.