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XML-RPC support?

I know the Jabber protocol supports xml-rpc messages, does the SMACK api?

XML-rpc is indeed a JSF board-approved JEP:


At this time, Smack doesn’‘t have direct support for XML-RPC. However, it’‘s very easy to create your own IQ packets, so you could include support fairly easily. If enough people ask for it, it may also make sense to do an integration with the Apache XML-RPC library so that support is more automated. Is this what you’'d be looking for?




I’'ve just begun looking for XML-RPC support in various Jabber libraries. Have you thought any more about adding it to Smack? Is there any work in progress? Do you have any brief guidelines for doing XML-RPC with the current release?




Smack does not include XML-RPC support at this time and it’‘s not yet on our short-term roadmap. However, there is a full providers architecture that should let you slot in the feature fairly easily. Eventually, we’'d like to official support the feature as a Smack extension.



I have some XML-RPC code that implements the IQProvider interface and supports basic types plus Vector and HashMap. I don’‘t claim for it to be production quality but I’'ve been using it and it seems to work ok.

Is there a way to submit it for consideration or post it for reference?


Normally, I would just give you attachment permission to this forum so that you could post the code that way. However, there’‘s an issue with the forums at the moment that prevents me from doing that. But, if you send the code to me by email, I’'d be happy to post it so that others can download.

I can’'t say for sure without taking a look, but if you clean up the code then it could potentially be included as a Smack extension.