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Xmlns="" gets discarded


Can anyone confirm that Wildfire 2.4.3 discards ‘‘xmlns’’ attributes if their value is an empty string (meaning that unprefixed elements in the scope of the declaration are not in any namespace)?

For example, if I send

which is obviously wrong.

(Maybe it’‘s not Wildfire’‘s but the XML parser’'s fault. Just want to make sure.)


Can you examine the raw text that’‘s coming into your other client to make sure that it’‘s Wildfire that’'s messing up the XML parsing and not your client?



I doublechecked that my client really sends the empty ‘‘xmlns’’ attribute. The raw text coming into the other client definitively does not contain the attribute anymore.

Here are two more observations:


Also, I finally managed to get ejabberd running on my machine (WildFire is much more fun to install). ejabberd keeps the xmlns="" mentioned in my first post as expected.

(Just found out that there is a Dev forum which is probably more suitable for this problem. Apologies for posting here.)