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Xmpp compatibile?

is smack library compatibile with ietf’'s xmpp specs?

At this point, very few servers conform to the IETF XMPP standard. So, Smack still uses the older “Jabber” style protocol. The differences are fairly small, though. We’'ll switch to pure IETF XMPP for Smack 2.0 and keep 1.x development going for those that need the older protocol.



thanks for reply,

do you know of any other java library for xmpp (not jabber protocol)?

I don’'t know of any that are doing only pure XMPP at this point. The changes are quite small, though. You would probably be able to adapt Smack with a few hours of work.



well, i would like to try, but tls and sasl support seem difficult for a n00b like me. or am i wrong?

Heh, could be true. That’'s probably the main thing that needs to be tackled.