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Xmpp.domain SSO

Here is an interesting thing that is hapening with my 3.4.4 server using AD integration and hopefully someone can shed some light on it for me.

Openfire is running on Ubuntu 7.10.

Using the spark client I can use SSO without a problem.

Using Pandion, it refuses to connect via SSO, but works fine using standard login of username@domain.com

The physical server name is server4.domain.com however does not have an alias in the /etc/hosts file of speak.domain.com (does it even need it?)

The server has a DNS CNAME of speak.domain.com -> server4.domain.com

My xmpp.domain is set as -> domain.com

I have my DNS SRV (Microsoft DNS) records set up as:

xmpp-client.tcp.domain.com IN SRV 0 100 5222 speak.domain.com.

xmpp-server.tcp.domain.com IN SRV 0 100 5269 speak.domain.com.

Any idea's as to why just pandion is giving me SSO problems?  I would like to slowly roll out pandion as my organizations chat client as its memory footprint is that much smaller.

I think this is strictly a Pandion issue as this has been reported over in the Pandion support forums as well. If anyone knows of a way to get this to work please do tell.

I am having the same issue i believe. In the office, Pandion will connect fine using SSO, but when users takes their laptops outside the office it no longer connects, and they get a IE-style pop up message about a scripting error. The internal and external DNS name of the server is the same, so no configuration changes should be needed. If i turn off SSO and login using username@server.domain.com it works fine. Also, if i create a local account on the laptop with the same username and password, rather than using the domain account, i can use SSO.