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Xmpp Error in Privacy list

Hello, I am creating a privacy list named block_list, and setting it as default and active list.
When i add new privacy item and update list i works fine.
But when i delete some item from privacy list and that item is last on that list and update it OR i delete privacy list an exception is thrown named XMPPerror : Conflict - cancel.

For delete : I fetch privacy list from server through privacy manager and then i compare the JID , and then i delete privacy item from that list and updatePrivacyList.

If my list contains more then 1 item , then i can successfully delete items from privacy list and update it , but if i delete item which is the only and last item , i get this exception : XMPPERROR : Conflict - cancel. why it is so ?? and what is the proper method to update or delete full list ?

Q : 2 : i want documentation of smack 4.1.9. I am unable to find , please give me any link from where i can read in detail or any sample application’s code ??

There are more recent versions of Smack available (most recent version is 4.3.1), so I suggest you update. Maybe your problem was solved in the mean time.

Some documentation can usually be found in the documentation folder in the Smack repository. Also there is Javadoc documentation found in the source code :slight_smile:.

Please provide a detailed stanza log. Also it might be worth to know which server software you are using.

I think I had the same issue (with Openfire). My solution was to always have a “dummy” item in the list.
Could be a bug in Openfire.