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XMPP for large organisations?


I am working within a global enterprise with around 40.000 employees. We are currently testing the Microsoft products for IM (OCS) which seems to work well. However, I´d like to investigate whether there are any open source based alternatives (XMPP based maybe?) that could work for us. I have been googling for references for enterprise size installations of open source based IM, but without any luck.

Anyone out there who knows more about this? For instance about other companies going in this direction? Is XMPP and the solutions available scalable and reliable enough for large installations? How do they integrate into i.e. LDAP servers (in our case MS Active Directory) and Office/email products (in our case MS Office and Exchange)?

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Maybe this helps:

Openfire Requirements

As far as I know there are some installations of that size.

Openfire does support LDAP and Active Direcory and many people are using that. I don’t think that Openfire has MS Office support. However, I’m not using it myself.

Big benefit of OpenSource-Software is that your are not that depended on some other company. If Microsoft would stop supporting their IM software, you have to start from scratch. If Ignite would stop development you could fix bugs at your own or pay someone to do it.

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