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XMPP gateway dropping connection repeatedly


We have a group of users that wish to connect to a development community, as part of the fee they pay they can all talk over XMPP on the community XMPP server

As we currently have our own XMPP server I set up a gateway for them using IM Gateway plugin. The test shows that the connection is working

When they come to login, it accepts their details and shows all the users on the server as offline, looking at the logs it seems to be logging our users in an out repeatedly.

Missing resource for key: gateway.xmpp.connectionclosed in locale en

If they connect via the reccommended Oracle Messenger, it connects fine.

Any ideas.

Missing resource? What version of the plugin is this? I’m looking at the current language file and that resource definitely exists. I’m wondering if the plugin didn’t extra properly?

I am having the same thing with IM Gateway 1.2.2a.

Could it be that the users are not allowed to automatically add users to their rosters. The subsrciption plugin allows for the server to automatically accept all roster additions. Otherwise each user would need to approve their addition to another user’s roster before they become available (I think).

@JadeStorm - The version is 1.2.2a


I am not following, but I think your thinking about the main server connection, and this is using the IM Gateway - if I am wrong, can you explain a bit further?