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XMPP Gateway questions


I was wondering what other problems are left for the XMPP experimental gateway that’s stopping it from becoming part of the stable list of im gateways?

Yeah. I was wondering too. I havent even heard why it was set as experimental one.

chuckle No big reason. It’s kind of my policy unless I more or less “know for a fact that it’s solid” to make new gateways experimental until I’ve heard from more people that they are running smoothly. So… running smoothly for you all?

I seem to get disconnections periodically. Is that because jabber.org hates me? Is that because talk.google.com hates me? That remains to be seen.

I had no problems with XMPP gateway. Using it for a long time now here (at home) and at work with igniterealtime.org account. Havent seen any disconnections.

after a couple days of using the xmpp gateway, i lost the capability to add new buddies to my other accounts (yahoo/aim). Could there possibly be any connection?

See, there you go, there’s a reason for it to be listed as unstable. ;D

Actually, no, that doesn’t really make any sense. Unless something really went haywire or there was a plugin update issue.

Anything in the logs?

hi jadestorm, unfortunately i don’t have logs, we’ve moved away from attempting a straightforward xmpp solution for this problem. I’ll try to get my network admin to oil the wheels so I can get more logs for you regarding this.