Xmpp gateway showing other gateways

I have mutli gateways in IM Gateway plugin on and when I use spark 2.5.8 and log in all my gateways, the xmpp duplicates my roster contacts. If I delete login information for XMPP, my roster contacts are good. As soon turning XMPP on, I get duplications.

How do I stop the duplications from XMPP gateway?

Is your xmpp gateway creating a second connection to an XMPP server that you are already connected to? Openfire can use server 2 server connections to connect to an XMPP server.

I think what I was hoping to use the xmpp gateway is to add other contacts who use xmpp/jabber from other server or companies who use the same technology. kind of like email. as long you know the username/email address you can communicate.

that is the problem with messengers for more than 2 contacts to talk, you have to use the same gateway.