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XMPP - Jingle protocol for VOIP in J2ME

Hi All,

I am developing a VOIP client in J2ME based on XMPP - Jingle Protocol.

As the API for Jingle is not available in J2ME, I am developing my own library for J2ME using Smack Jingle as a reference.

I’ll be using Mobile Media API to capture the voice form the microphone and want to transmit it over the network.

How do I achieve this in J2ME.

Any kind of suggestion would be helpfull.

Thanking you, Awaiting reply.


This is more of J2ME question rather than a Smack one so you’d probably get better results by Googling for something like “J2ME audio support” or posting to a Java/J2ME specific forum.

Good luck,


I posted my query here with the intension if someone would have tried creating a J2ME version of smack library or tried porting it…